How-To Measure

Measuring How To

One of the questions we get asked most often is, “how do I know if my product will fit?” Since we offer a wide variety of products from ribbons to boxes, below we categorically break down how we list measurements of our products!


Ribbon widths are measured by the inch (in) or millimeter (mm). Ribbon lengths are measured in yards (yds) or meters (m). We list ribbon dimensions in width by length.


Pre-Tied Bows

For pre-tied bows we give a couple of measurements – the width of the ribbon, the span of the bow (measured from the widest part from side to side), and the length of the twist tie (if applicable)

Pre-Tied Bows

Candy Cups

Candy cups are measured diameter by height. The diameter is taken from the bottom of the cup, and the height is measured from top to bottom of the walll of the candy cup. When measuring the diameter make sure you’re measuring a straight line across the center of the bottom of the candy cup.

Candy Cups


All boxes are three-dimensional and therefore have three measurements. We always start with the side the box opens on and list the dimensions side to side x front to back x top to bottom. Sloped boxes are always measured at the bottom (smallest part) of the slope.

Boxes Image 1
Boxes Image 2


On round containers we list sizes diameter by depth. Most dimensions given reflect usable space.

Tubes/Rounds Image


Our gusseted bags are measured side to side x front to back x top to bottom (same as our boxes), and our flat bags are measured side to side x top to bottom. For lip and tape bags we list dimensions side to side x top to bottom plus the lip. Most of these dimensions reflect actual usable space.

Bags Image 1
Bags Image 2
Bags Image 3


Pouches are measured side to side x front to back x top to bottom (same as our boxes and bags). These dimensions measure the outside of the pouch and NOT usable space. In most cases, you can count on up to 1-1/2” space from the top to the bottom of the zipper, and up to 1/4” seal on each side of the pouch.

Pouches Image


With our stretch loops we list dimensions loop by cut. The loop is the circumference of the loop all the way around, so a 10” loop would have a length of 5” on either saide of the bow when NOT stretched. The cut is the length of the loop if untied and laid flat. See our Stretch Loop Guide for further instruction on what stretch loops fit on all of our products!


Our trays are measured side to side x front to back x top to bottom (you know the drill). Where the cavity sizes are consistent, their size will be listed, if the cavity sizes vary that will also be noted

Trays Image