Sustainable Packaging

The Revere Group strives to lessen our environmental impact to the greatest degree possible, through our daily actions in how we operate, as well as in our product offerings.

Some examples of our sustainable stewardship include:

  • Having recently completed a new, energy efficient facility, we are proud to have incorporated many energy and water-saving features into its design.
  • We re-use or recycle as much paper and shipping material as possible.
  • As a printer and converter, we use nearly 100% water-based, solvent free inks. We reclaim and recycle any incidental solvents which are used.
  • All our printing plates are made on an Esko digital laser engraver, thereby eliminating the waste and chemicals associated with film negatives, and at the same time improving the quality of our printing.
  • We offer sustainable packaging solutions, including certified, 100% home-compostable packaging films and bags; recyclable paperboard boxes; recyclable clear or printed PET-G containers; biodegradable plastic shoppers and merchandise bags; natural cotton ribbons; high recycled content paper shoppers and mailers.

Look for the Sustainable Icon on products throughout our website or view some of our sustainable stock packaging options here: